6-8 Grade


(updated 12/30/2020)

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6th-8th Classes:

The following courses are 6th – 8th grade level unless otherwise noted. Click on the image or Class Title to read more about the class.

American History II

Students will study early American history from a Christian perspective in an effort to understand the foundation and guiding principles of our nation. The span of history covered will be from the Civil War through the Great Depression, the Cold War and beyond.


Students will learn to refine their artwork by learning specific techniques, proper terminology, and self critique.


This course is a survey of the history, literature, and content of the New Testament. We will focus on Jesus Christ as we unfold God’s plan of redemption.


In the Grace Academy computer lab, students will learn multiple software application so they will gain greater confidence in using Mac computers.


This class will focus on the exploration of theatre performance, improvisation, creative dramatics, beginning scene work, historical and cultural connections, and technical requirements.

Geography/World Studies

The world in which we live is fascinating, fast-paced, dangerous, and beautiful. Therefore, geography should be exciting! In this class students will study Units 1-3, including Americas, Europe, and Russia.


This class helps improve a student’s sport skills and fitness. Students will participate in exercises, games and various sports.

Math (6-7) (4 Days)

Units will include: decimals; fractions; rates, proportions, & percents; basic geometry; measurement; operations with rational numbers (including negative numbers); probability and statistics; and simple algebraic expressions.

Music/Worship Team (8-12)

This is an introduction to worship class with emphasis on developing creative and technical skills in the musical production of contemporary worship. Students will learn to perform worship songs in a band format.

Novel Studies/Public Speaking

Students will concentrate on a literature-based curriculum covering various genres including historical fiction, science fiction, Native American Historical fiction, British and American literature.


Students will learn the basic function of the camera, camera parts, digital and film terminology, composition and framing.

Pre-Algebra (7-8) (4 Days)

This course is the stepping stone to Algebra I. Focus will be on mastering such concepts as operations with real numbers, square roots, the Pythagorean theorem, slope, solving equations and inequalities

Science I (6-7)

Students will use the scientific method, experimentation, group work and projects to study foundations of life science. Students will be introduced to living organisms, heredity, and microbiology.

Science II (6-7)

Students will use the scientific method, experimentation, group work and projects to study concepts in the Animal Kingdom, Nature of the Environment, and the structure and function of the Human Body.

Science III (7–8)

Students will use the scientific method, experimentation, group work and projects to study earth science and physical science. Students will study the atmosphere, weather patterns and conditions….


This course is designed for students starting the study of the Spanish language for the first time or for those who have had minimal exposure to the language.


This course will include extensive instruction on grammar concepts that include capitalization, punctuation, sentence types, phrases, clauses, gerunds, appositives, and other grammar concepts.


This course is designed to encourage and challenge the student to continue to grow in critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while working together on hands-on activities

World History

Students will study time from Creation to the late 20th century. The Christian perspective is the thread that connects the past to the present.

Writing I (6–7)

Students will learn to compare and contrast various elements, write a thesis statement, create an outline and write using first and third person.