Have you ever wondered why when you stub your toe, or bang your knee on the couch, or slip and skid your elbow, your first instinct is to touch your injury and rub away the pain? It’s a common reaction, built into our bodies’ natural coping process. In fact, massaging or clutching the area where the pain is felt can actually ease and lower the level of pain by activating “pleasure nerves” beneath the skin. This is the reason why massage can be such a powerful answer for back pain relief.

Research shows that massage therapy has several benefits for people who suffer from back pain. Massage therapy:

  • Increases blood flow and circulation, bringing much-needed energy and nutrition to your back muscles and tissues. This helps soft tissue recover and regain their prior health.
  • When therapists rub out tight muscles, they decrease tension, relaxing the body, and improving flexibility. Reducing pain in this way can be a huge relief and even improve sleep.
  • Massage helps your body to generate “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals increase feelings of ease and lessen feelings, anxiety, and depression. Happiness cancels out the weight of pain, which is always a great thing!
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If you or a friend are experiencing back pain, massage may be the answer or at least part of the puzzle. Try it out!