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North Carolina Association of Pharmacists
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 5.0
Customer feedback:

North Carolina Association of Pharmacists here takes too long and has issues contacting doctors in a timely manner for additional information if needed.

Very rude pharmacy employee was very unpolite & mad because she couldn’t find my medications & said something about having too many things to do, which is not my fault they had a mess than to top it off they put the wrong name on the bottle of medication, and she’s like I’m going to leave it like that anyway I already changed it on the system. She didn’t even explain anything about the medication nor said thank you. She almost threw it at us, and I will be changing to another pharmacy & I should of read the reviews here before taking my prescription there.

ViaQX Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.6
Customer feedback:

ViaQX.com appears to change pharmacists very often, and there is a “new face” every time I go there. Pharmacists are usually kind, but recently I have had a bad experience with at least three different pharmacists giving me false information about a particular prescription… at one time it would be available in few more days, another pharmacist said “wait 20 min”, then in another day, another pharmacist said, “the manufacturer stopped doing this kind.” This all happened in almost a week of waiting.

They refilled half of my son’s prescription, and I paid full copay, the day after when I went to pick up the rest of the prescription, they want me to pay the copay again because the received the prescription from different manufacture!!! No, my problem, I did not pay, and I will never go back! They were so rude and disrespectful.

Marley Drug
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.0
Customer feedback:

Worst pharmacy ever!!! The staff is so rude! Our doctor sent the prescriptions at 11:00 am. We arrived at 12:00 pm, waited for a bit, and asked about our perceptions. We were told it would be an hour more. This lady dropped her prescriptions off in person, and they told, they would expect them to be ready in 20 minutes! When I asked the lady why they would give us different times, she couldn’t give me a response and said she didn’t know and that it wasn’t her fault (in a very rude manner).

Marley Drug has just one pharmacist at night. It took more an hour to give me my prescription.

Josefs Pharmacy

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.2
Customer feedback:

They stood around on their phones while I waited 10 minutes for them to even ask me if I needed any help. Never coming to this Josefs Pharmacy again.

Lazy, incompetent, and self-righteous. Didn’t fill our order because they were too lazy to call the 800 number for insurance and get info. Then I had every excuse in the book. Went to H-E-B, and they figured it out promptly.